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Exceeding Your Expectations When You Need It Most

And covering the country in response to the COVID crisis on behalf of our clients.


Covering the Country in Response to Catastrophes and Crisis on all Levels

Responding to commercial facilities throughout the U.S. in response to catastrophes that include flood, fire, mold, biohazard, COVID, roofing, and structural compromise to any degree.  At Knight Restoration, we are built to serve the needs of our clients while utilizing the most advanced chemicals, specialty equipment, and restorative techniques to restore your facility to pre-loss condition and to maintain a safe and healthy environment.  Our teams of licensed and insured technicians are available to respond 24/7 to provide emergency services in order to minimize your business interruption and to eliminate unnecessary liabilities.

Water & Flood Restoration
Fire & Smoke Restoration
Mold Remediation
Bio-Hazard Cleanup

Take Pride In Our Response Time

Knight Restoration Services is a full-fledged commercial catastrophic response company. And we work with pre-arranged customers and relationships that are established to serve them with whatever needs or catastrophic situations present themselves. One of our pride points is our 1 hour response time. Because we realize that the faster we’re on site, it’ll save you money because it causes less damage and also put your tenants at ease. And, we don’t send out a scout or a spotter to assess the job we sent out teams. Regardless of how big or how small: we’re prepared, we’re trained, and fully equipped to address those situations 24/7 365. When large emergencies arise, equipment is tough to come by. So Knight, instead of relying on leasing companies to get equipment, we have a fleet of our own generators, desiccants, box trucks, that we can respond to your emergencies and not depend on somebody else.

Reliable Commercial Large Loss Restoration Services

Natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes are always lurking just around the corner. When a natural disaster strikes, it can cause catastrophic damages to commercial facilities, often resulting in interruptions to normal business operations. As with fire or flood damages, time is of the essence. Knight Restoration Services offers commercial large loss restoration services to help get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

From the initial meetings with your staff and insurance company to installing the very last window pane, we’re there for you every step of the restoration process. We also specialize in contingency planning to help you and your business stay proactive in preparing for natural disasters and large commercial losses so that your interruptions will be as minimal as possible thanks to our expertise.

Prompt, Thorough Commercial Property Restoration

Day or night, you can give the experienced team at Knight Restoration Services a call to request our services for your peace of mind. When you call us, we’ll quickly come out and assess your damages and determine what’s necessary for your property’s restoration. We pride ourselves upon our prompt response times, our attention to detail, our professionalism, and our competitive pricing.

Our team is very honest and upfront, providing you with thorough reports on the status of your fire or water restoration and any current readings on moisture or mold found in your property’s damaged areas. We’re dedicated to exceeding your expectations when you need us the most.


Knight Restoration

Corporate Address
4200 Sojourn Dr.
Addison, TX 75001

(877) 965-8200

Open 24/7