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Knight Restoration, in a recent achievement, effectively completed an HVAC system cleaning for a large hospital located in North Texas. This project consisted of an area in excess of 65,000 sq. ft., heavily contaminated with sheetrock and construction dust.

In this initiative, all areas of the HVAC system including, plenums, VAV boxes, multiple large air handling units and thousands of feet of supply and return duct were addressed. In total, we cleaned five large HEPA filtered systems and installed 100+ access panels in high pressure duct for future accessibility.

This particular project was completed by our large staff of technicians over a period of 3 weeks, worked 16 hours per day, 7 days per week in order to meet the timeline constraints of the hospital staff. We certainly appreciate the diligence in meeting all timelines brought forth during this project and the impeccable standards and quality.

In addition, we very much appreciate the support and assistance of the hospital staff during this project. Read the full case study.

before and after HVAC system clean