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No matter the flooring (concrete, terrazzo, vinyl composite tile, ceramic tile, etc), they all need some type of regular maintenance. The million, ok thousand, dollar question is the correct plan for the types of flooring you have in your building. There are several factors that go into that answer:

  • Expectations on how you want them to look? Everyone has a different perception or idea on what looks good. So having an idea and ability to convey that idea, will make a huge difference. We recommend using a vendor that can actually understand that can make that Idea a reality. They all say they can, but sometimes follow through is a different story.
  • Budget you are wanting to set aside for that look? Everything comes at a price, so you just need to put pen to paper to figure out how much you are willing to invest. Zero budget dollars is a budget, just one that will lead to replacement costs in the near future. Investing in your floors will increase the life of your floors (saves money) and your tenants/employees will treat your entire building better. Your investment will give you returns.
  • Your ability to handle details. Being proactive on almost anything in your building will save you time and money. Time and money, the two things we wish we had more of everyday. Make time to develop scheduled maintenance plan or have your floor crew do one for you. A plan will allow you to focus your attention on other areas of your jobs, instead of reacting to issue, complaints or stuff you see walking around the building. A trust contractor (Knight) can save you time and take the stress away.
  • Think your floors are overdue for some maintenance? Contact us and see if it’s time
Buffing Matters
  • Fact: one of the easiest ways to increase the look/impression of your facility/building is to shine the floors that are supposed to shine. Most people look down when they walk, so it would make sense that people would judge the cleanliness of a building by what they look at most of the time. Yes, your floors. I hear this comment often “we just had the floors buffed by ABC company and they look terrible” Often the problem is not the floor company, but “we just had the floors buffed” was months ago. Time flies. A buffing program (yes a program) will keep that constant shine. Why a program? Reactionary maintenance is a recipe for stress and a poor looking facility. Plan your maintenance and stick to the program. A clean building equals impressed visitors, happy tenants/employees and lower cost in the future. Lets us know if you would like a quote or an opinion on a schedule.

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