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Our Purpose

To Serve

At Knight we believe that our first and foremost responsibility is to serve. What do we mean? Well, specifically, we’ve always said “Take care of our customers, take care of our people, and the rest will take care of itself”. To this day we center everything we do around this one philosophy of serving. We recognize that, in this industry, we have one of the greatest opportunities to serve people than any other industry in existence. We embrace this opportunity and focus all our efforts towards this sole purpose.

image of peter sitting and laughing with coworkers at meeting
How We Do It?

Our People

Everyone we hire has a role to fill however, we see them much more than just a number on a paper. People are a company’s greatest asset so we focus a tremendous amount of time and resources into developing deep and intentional relationships with our people. This includes interviewing, hiring, training, coaching, investing and even in the case of having to relieve people of their duties, our goal to love and develop our people well as we know they are the ones who ultimately provide the greatest value to our company and our clients.

Our Core Values


Available 24/7 for Emergency Commercial Property Restoration