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Last May, we experienced the beginning of the “El Nino” weather pattern and a tenant did not inform one of our property managers of a window leak that was reoccurring in their call center. In August, the property manager was notified and upon her arrival, about 2 rooms were affected with mold. Knight provided a proposal for the remediation but also ran the numbers to see what it would have cost if the problem was resolved immediately. The bill would have been almost half the cost. So, what does that have to do with you? Everything! How can we help? We’ve highlighted a few ways that Knight has prepared itself for such storms:


Within current markets and “Priority One” customers, Knight’s ability to respond during a natural disaster is guaranteed within two hours and incentivized based on a one hour arrival time. Non-priority clients are served on a first come, first serve basis. Clients outside of our current markets are served within 12-48 hours depending on the distance.


Although Knight’s local offices currently serve a 7 state range, we are easily able to mobilize crews and equipment within 48 hours due to the overwhelmingly vast labor force and equipment warehouses throughout.


Generators, heaters, trailer mounted dehumidifiers along with thousands more pieces of equipment easily allow Knight to handle any size catastrophe in any territory at any time.


Due to Knight’s sister company “Knight Janitorial” the labor force is at an unending capacity with crews proficiently trained in Knight Restoration’s protocols.

In addition, there are several steps that you can take now to help prevent the need for such work. Be sure all leaky windows have been waterproofed, call us to perform consistent vacancy cleans so we can keep an eye on these problems, have tenants notify you of small issues to and finally inspect your roof drains. The storms are coming whether we like it or not so, are you ready? We are. Let us know how we can help!