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Body fluids and other infectious waste pose a variety of threats to those who are exposed to them. There are universal procedures which require that all bodily fluids are treated as presumed to be infectious materials. All contaminants can remain a possible threat for many days and some can even remain active for several weeks. It is imperative that only trained and suitably protected personnel are engaged in this type of work. These situations can be extremely dangerous and must be approached with caution from both the technical and emotional standpoints. Our primary concern is the health and safety of the present and future occupants of the dwelling.

We have the training, technical skills, and sensitivity needed to deal with the special situation a trauma scene presents. Our professional staff is trained to be sensitive to the emotional needs of those involved. Often a great deal of stress is involved and has to be dealt with promptly and professionally. In these situations it is usually necessary for the occupants to evacuate the contaminated areas until the area has been restored. If you are uncertain of the bio-hazards in your area, it is best to leave the area until it has been determined that it is safe to return.

Bio-Hazard Remediation Services Include:
  • Bio-hazard and blood borne pathogen remediation
  • Medical wasted recovery and disposal services
  • Mistakenly dumped, spilled, or stored bio-hazards
  • Personal vehicle cleaning and contamination
  • Fingerprint dust removal
  • Methamphetamine lab contamination cleanup
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing services
  • Hotel/Motel Rooms
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Sewer Backup

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