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As most have heard, and many agree, “Perception Is Often Reality”. Well, the same goes in the real estate world in regards to appearances. The more clean, tidy and professional a facility appears, the more inclined people are to visit, lease and stay. One of the best ways to get that first positive impression is by regular scheduled power washing.

Knight Restoration recently completed a power washing project of a parking garage at a Major Regional Hospital. Our crews power washed four levels including all of the flooring, pillars, walls, ceilings, and beams.  Although we have the capacity to recover water, no water recovery was necessary.  The entire project (150,000 square feet) was started with only 72 hours advanced notice from the Hospital and completed in one weekend.

The project was considered a HUGE SUCCESS by the staff at the Hospital.  Not only were we able to increase the cleanliness of the parking garage but we were also able to spend time educating our clients in the field of power washing. As a quick highlight, there are just a couple of things to keep in mind when receiving a bid:

  1.     Does the company have the capacity to provide their own water?
  2.     Does the company have heat capacity in their power washer?
  3.     Does the company have the ability to recover the water?
  4.     Does the company have the appropriate commercial grade equipment to achieve the results you are wanting?

These are just a few things to keep in mind when asking for and receiving bids.

Knight Restoration has the capabilities and training to tackle any power washing project you may require.  We have a fleet of Hotsy trailer mounted, heated power washing units, these units are widely considered the best in the industry. We also have multiple capabilities including 300 gallon water and recovery tanks, lifts and hundreds of feet of hose for the hard to access areas.

Serving our clients is our number one goal so, if this is a way that we can do so, please do not hesitate to ask. Our local project managers are more than willing to take this off of your plate and provide a quality to service to appease your owners and tenants!

Commercial power washing Commercial power washing before and after