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Our Mission Statement is “to be the industry’s fastest and most cost effective resource to restore our clients’ structures and contents to pre-loss condition, never compromising quality of work.” Recently, one of our client’s Class A buildings had a fire in a tenant’s space. The actual fire was contained to a 4,000 sq ft area, but the smoke affected 70,000 sq ft. Knight Restoration performed a complete demo/rebuild of the affected space, plus a complete detailed cleaning of the entire building.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind should you ever be confronted with a fire.

  1. Establish security fire watch until system is back on line.
  2. Set up temporary power or return power to unaffected tenants.
  3. Setup temporary HVAC on servers (if necessary).
  4. Work with your insurance adjuster to determine exact coverage.
  5. Inspect and diagnose all equipment- HVAC, Electrical, and Fire Alarms.
  6. Determine what can be cleaned and what needs to be replaced, especially when it comes to the HVAC system.

fire damage before

fire damage after