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Knight Restoration recently completed a large loss catastrophe restoration, created by a main plumbing line break within a commercial structure. Water completely flooded the entire first level of the building and compromised the facilities entire electrical system. To add, throughout this disastrous event, temperatures were extremely cold, staying below freezing for several consecutive days. The combination of a completely compromised electrical system and freezing temperatures made it very challenging to make essential repairs, dry the facility, and most importantly, maintain viability of the unaffected areas of the building through the repair process.

During this project, the electrical team utilized Knight Restoration’s immense generators to provide temporary electrical power to the building, supporting all equipment needed to repair, dry and restore this facility. Further accelerating the process and easing conditions, Knight also utilized two of its large diesel powered heaters to combat the difficulties related to the freezing temperatures.

Minimizing the discomfort and maximizing the efficiency of the repair process, particularly with the presented challenges, we were pleased to have the equipment and preparedness to support this type of initiative. View the full case study.

Knight Restoration truck Knight Restoration emergency power