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Knight Restoration recently completed a large project that originated when tornadoes hit a large industrial facility and removed several large areas of the roof which significantly compromised the structure and allowed it to flood with several inches of rain water. Upon responding to this job site, we immediately assessed the safety and security of the facility while developing a game plan to restore this property back to its pre-loss condition.

After our initial assessment, we divided our resources into three separate teams. Our first team provided temporary electrical power to facilitate the restoration process and gave power to the entire building. Our second team began the process of securing the facility while also protecting it from additional storms that were projected to reoccur in the coming days. Our third team focused primarily on the interior restoration process. They extracted all water, and staged the equipment necessary to dry the structure. Barricades and containment chambers were constructed around the most sensitive and critical areas to provide an additional layer of protection in case of additional storms.

In all, our teams had great success in restoring the interior of this facility while securing the exterior from additional exposure. In doing so, we were able to minimize the downtime for this tenant while providing time to coordinate the completion of the exterior needs of this property. We have the resources available to serve our clients in their greatest times of need, and we’ are grateful for any opportunity to do so.

tornado damage Knight Restoration emergency power truck