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One early winter Sunday morning, Knight received a call that an entire industrial space was fully flooded. Within thirty minutes, Knight was on scene and within four hours, over 60,000 square feet of water was removed from the area. The suite that caused the flooding was massively affected with muddy floors, saw dust and smoke damage. Within nine hours, Knight had performed a full water extraction.
After three days of drying, Knight had successfully remediated all moisture from over 60,000 affected square feet. Upon arrival on day three, all odor was completely eliminated and all equipment was removed entirely.

There were still dirty floors and fire and smoke damaged drywall to deal with, however. Now, for most, this would be an area where the restoration company would need to call in another contractor to complete the drywall repairs…. Not Knight.


Due to Knight’s sister company “Knight Renovation”, we were able to begin the fire remediation, drywall tear out and the drywall replacement within the same day. Over 2000 square feet of drywall was either cleaned and encapsulated or removed and replaced within three days of the initial loss. Once replaced, the renovation crew followed right behind with a day’s worth of painting and trim work to complete their repairs.

The last piece of the puzzle was the cleaning and prep of the floors.

Value Added Services

Well, because of Knight’s other sister company “Knight Janitorial”, the floors were cleaned on day one with a walk behind scrubber to prevent any deep concrete staining. Once all remediation and renovation work was complete, we scrubbed the floors a second time, leaving behind zero trace of any damage.

So, to wrap things up, Knight fully remediated all restoration, construction and janitorial needs within a five day process. Due to the fact that several of the employees have been cross trained in all three areas, Knight was able to use all three companies simultaneously and bill the client under one bill and keep the work under one contractor throughout the process. Knight was truly a “Full Service Restoration Company” and exceeded our client’s expectations when they needed it most.

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