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Let’s be honest: Raw Sewage is bad news.

sewage leak in hopsital

Raw sewage on a hospital’s patient files is really, really bad news.

sewage leak in hopsital

This was the case at a recent hospital in October.

sewage leak in hopsital

The staff contacted us right away and the Knight Restoration team responded. The first step in the process was to determine which items were salvageable. After examining over 60 boxes of patient files (all backed up on computer) and hundreds of affected computer parts, it was clear what files and hardware could be cleaned and saved.

Once the salvageable computer parts had been identified, they were all cleaned with antimicrobial chemicals along with the racks, floors, and non-porous surfaces in order to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading. The looming question was, what do you do with the un-salvageable files? You cannot simply throw papers soaked in sewage into the trash, so our next task was to dry over 60 boxes of drenched patient files.

The files were carefully separated and spaced out in an empty space in order to expedite the drying process. Once the files were dry, the papers were shredded and a certified letter of destruction was issued to the hospital. Once a few pieces of porous plywood shelving were replaced, the job was complete and the records room was returned to its normal state.