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Commercial Property Restoration for Nationwide Facilities

Fires, floods, bio-hazardous spills, and other natural disasters often strike when you least expect them and the effects on your commercial facility can be devastating. However, similar to a knight riding in upon a white steed during the days of old, Knight Restoration Services is there like a modern-day knight in shining armor to save the day. Our main priority is to help you restore your commercial property back to its pre-loss state as quickly as possible to minimize your losses. When the unthinkable happens, our state-of-the-art facilities and our on-site disaster restoration teams are ready to serve you night or day with emergency restoration services for nationwide commercial facilities of all types and sizes.

air duct restoration

Mold Remediation

Excessive moisture can accumulate in buildings or on certain building materials. If so, mold growth will often occur. If the moisture problem remains undiscovered for too long, it can create huge headaches. At Knight Restoration Services, you can rest assured that we have the necessary training and technical skills to handle mold remediation projects of any size.

Bio-Hazard Cleanup

The best way to deal with a bio-hazard cleanup is to immediately evacuate the area and leave it to up to our well-trained and equipped professionals to get the job done. When it comes to bio-hazard cleanups, our primary concern is always the health and safety of those who are present and of any future occupants of the facility. Our staff is trained to be sensitive to the emotional needs of those involved.

Water & Flood Restoration

Regardless of the water source, water damage is something that won’t get better on its own. From the moment damage occurs, wood begins to swell, sheetrock begins to absorb moisture, contents are adversely affected, and carpets and pads just spread it across the floor. Water damage MUST be removed immediately to allow your commercial structure to dry thoroughly and prevent mold growth.

Fire & Smoke Restoration

Using specialty chemicals and the most advanced processes and equipment available, we offer emergency fire and smoke restoration services to ensure all of your possessions are cleaned and restored as quickly as possible. Fire and smoke damages aren’t just ugly scars reminding you about a traumatic past event at your commercial facility – smoke can also present a serious health hazard for your building’s occupants if left untreated.

Specialty Services

We offer a wide range of specialty services that are not available from most restoration companies. From HVAC cleaning and specialty floor work to desiccant services, power washing, emergency power, and document recovery, we’ve got all your needs covered.

We’re There for Your Peace of Mind

Capable of serving commercial facilities across the United States, our offices are strategically located throughout the country and are equipped with the most advanced commercial property restoration equipment available in the industry. As a 24-hour emergency property restoration service, we’ll rush to your commercial property to begin the restoration process, no matter the time of day. You can call us to help you restore your commercial facility back to its original pre-disaster conditions and we’ll come running for your peace of mind.

Available 24/7 for Emergency Commercial Property Restoration