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COVID-19 Commercial Response

“We can’t always control what happens, but we can always control how we respond to it.”

Every facility and every situation is unique – especially as they relate to COVID-19 and all industries. Here are some things to consider if you are faced with a known or suspected case of COVID-19.

Questions to Understand:

Who was (potentially) contaminated?

– Symptoms

– Exposure within my facility

– Have they been tested, when will results be available

What areas of the building were potentially affected?

– Office / Production / Storage

Is there a way to contain treatments to isolated areas?

– Are there any areas sensitive with exposed food / beverage

– Are any other areas sensitive to treatment methods

What is my timeframe, what schedule can I accommodate?

– High traffic exposure areas with heightened risk

– Is it possible to coordinate a schedule to minimize attention and avoid unnecessary concern

Four Variables to Manage Congruently

The Reality of Your Risk

Develop a comprehensive scope consistent with the CDC and EPA recommendations to effectively decontaminate areas of risk

The Perception of Employees & Patrons

Without compromising safety, we want to be cognizant of your occupants and sensitive to emotions while being discreet as possible

Any Potential Liabilities

Our greatest goal is to eliminate risks, exposure and liability as it relates to potential contamination

Financial Responsibility

In addition to providing a comprehensive decontamination solution, we want to be sensitive to the potential for business interruption while also coordinating an efficient and effective solution

Protocols Tailored To Your Needs

In response to a known or highly suspected case, Knight Services will work with your company point(s) of contact in order to produce a clear, comprehensive, and expedient protocol tailored to your needs. Every Situation is unique based on variables such as magnitude, liabilities, exposure,
occupancy, region, and timelines.

Our protocol will be based on proven, effective, and approved methods to remediate and completely decontaminate your facility while addressing project variables.

Services We Offer

Electrostatic Spraying machine

Electrostatic Spraying

This atomizes your choice of disinfectant solution to optimize the coverage area which allows us to treat large common areas.

Benefits of Treatment

Electrostatically Charge Chemical Application

Reaches More Areas with Disinfectant

Efficient Chemical Application

Effective Coating Leads to Longer Dwell Time

Applies Chemical in a More Controlled Manner

Ideal for Commercial Application

Applied with Proper PPE

– Full Face Respirator / Chemical Suite / Gloves

Uses Approved and Registered EPA Disinfectants

ULV Fogging

ULV Fogging

This disperses electrostatically charged particles (using antimicrobial, or probiotic solutions) which provides direct and more consistent coverage.

Benefits of Treatment

Uniform Application

Applied at 5 – 30 Micron Droplets

Allows Proper Dwell Time

Efficient and Reaches Small Spaces

Ideal for Commercial Application

Applied with Proper PPE

– Full Face Respirator + Chemical Suit

Uses EPA Approved and Registered Disinfectants

Ozone Purification machine

Ozone Purification

Ozone destroys viruses by attacking the nucleus which damages RNA reproduction. After destroying these particles, ozone dissipates and leaves breathable oxygen as its only by product.

Benefits of Treatment

Converts O2 to O3 (ozone) at a High Rate

Ozone is an Activated Form of Oxygen

Ozone is a Naturally Occurring Substance

Ozone Lasts 20 – 60 minutes

High Levels of Ozone Destroy Bacteria & Viruses

Effective to Treating Large Commercial Areas

Destroys Viruses in the Air and on Surfaces

Hydroxyl Generator

Hydroxyl Generator

A hydroxyl generator provides an alternative to ozone generators because hydroxyls can remove odors and disinfect bacteria and viruses without using high levels of ozone.

Benefits of Treatment

Naturally Occurring Molecules

Can be Operated While Space is Occupied

Hydroxyls Oxidize Contaminants

Convert Contaminants into CO2

Perform a Gentler Cleaning

Does Not Use High Concentrations of Ozone

Terminal Cleaning

Our highly trained crews can perform a broad-spectrum quaternary terminal cleaning wipe down of all touch points.

Benefits of Treatment

Sanitize all High Frequency Touch Areas

Remove Residual Buildup From Fogging

CDC Recommended Disinfectant

Available 24/7 for Emergency Commercial Property Restoration