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In 2015, a healthcare management client of ours called and were worried about small black specs falling on the desks of their tenant. We immediately headed over there with our HVAC crew to take a look and see what we could find. After further investigation, we noticed years of caked dust and damage to the duct runs and quickly reported to the manager that a clean was absolutely necessary. In just three short weekends, all particles and specs had ceased falling out of the vents and the tenant was happy and comfortable.

Indoor air quality is the hottest concern on the market in all commercial facilities across the country. Forbes calls “Indoor Air Pollution” the world’s biggest environmental killer while the United States National Library of Medicine recognizes that sick building syndrome comes from air pollutants within a facility.
So, besides good ventilation and testing, what is the best way to help facilitate good “indoor air quality”? HVAC CLEANING!

From the blower motor all the way down to the return, Knight has the capacity to not only clean your entire HVAC system but, make it more efficient as well. Removing the dirt and grime from the coils along with the dust and pollutant particles within the duct runs provides not only a cleaner and higher quality of air but, a more efficient and less stressing HVAC system. The mechanicals are able to work a maximum capacity with less work, saving you more money.

We perform a full inspection above ceiling grid, in your mechanicals, at the registers and within your duct work to give you an accurate depiction of the most efficient and necessary steps to take. We base our estimates on the plans of your facility and not just the square footage to allow for a more precise figure and result.

So, give us a call and allow the NADCA certified technicians at Knight Restoration the opportunity to improve the “quality” of your workplace!

air duct cleaning

air duct cleaning