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So we’ve all been there. You file something away knowing that eventually you are going to need it, and that exact moment comes and it is nowhere to be found! And hopefully it’s not the middle of the night too, because then all bets are off that it will ever be found! At Knight, we understand that no one likes calling a restoration company, because that means it’s already a bad day (or night). The least we could do is make it a little easier on you if/when you do ever need to make that call. Enter the new Knight Restoration Mobile Application, now available in your App Store!!

The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s basic – very basic. And that’s intentional. We don’t need to load it down with weather widgets or maps or anything like that. It has three main functions: One Touch Emergency Line Dialing (for those middle of the day or middle of the night emergencies), a directory of your Area Rep’s for those not-so-emergency emergencies, and a section to request more information about almost anything! And that’s it! Ideally, it’s an app you download and forget you have until you need, like the middle of the night when everything is falling apart and you just need us to show up and just start taking care of everything already! Because as we all know, business cards and Priority One cards and anything else can be misplaced, but you always have your phone on you (We do!). So please take a moment and download the app and then forget about it until you need it!

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