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With freezing temperatures among us we hope everyone can stay warm. At this time of year the number one reason for a flood is a burst pipe due to freezing temperatures. Water has a property that causes it to expand when frozen. This can put tremendous pressure on waterlines and pipes, whether they be plastic or metal. Eventually when the pressure becomes too great for the pipes to contain, they will crack or burst causing water to uncontrollably flow until it is shut off. Here are a few simple things you can do to keep your business or home safe and ensure you don’t run into a major problem.

  1. Drain water from swimming pool and water sprinkler supply lines following manufacturer’s or installer’s directions.
  2. Remove drains, and water hoses used outdoors and close inside valves supplying outdoor faucets. Open the outside faucets to allow water to drain until there is none left in the pipes. Keep the outside valve open so that any water remaining in the pipe can expand without causing the pipe to break.
  3. Check around the home for other areas where water supply lines are located in unheated areas. Look in the basement, crawl space, attic, garage, and under kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
  4. Consider installing outdoor faucet covers. These are under three dollars at your local hardware store but can save you from hundreds of dollars worth of repairs

If you do find yourself in a situation where you could not prevent freezing pipes and disaster does strike your home or business Knight Restoration is always here to help. In any case when you experience water or flood damage it is extremely important that you address the situation as soon as it happens to prevent further damage. Below is our 24-hour emergency line, do not hesitate to call us any time of day or night if you may need our help.