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During a major ice storm or the cold winter months, losing power is a major issue for the safety and comfort of all tenants. Fortunately, Knight can help. Last year, a 3 story office building’s power went down in the middle of a 32 degree day. Upon hearing the news our teams here at Knight acted immediately and were onsite within 30 minutes. Within four hours, we had supplemental power, climate control and major heat ducted into the facility and the tenants were able to get back to work that day.

As an overseer of a large facility, so many things can take the wrong turn at any second. One of those, unfortunately, is a loss of power, especially in the middle of a cold winter day. Here’s the great news: Knight Restoration has the “POWER” to keep you going!

With our yard stocked full of everything from 250KW all the way down to 30KW generators, we are more than equipment ready to keep you up and running! Our warehouse is full of large ducting heaters, desiccants and refrigerants to keep the air clean and comfortable during your major outage!

So, when it happens (we hope for your sake it does not), you know what to do… “Keep Calm and Call Knight”!

Learn more about emergency power!

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